Full Stack Front/Back-End Developer | IT Specialist

work experience

WASK IT Technologies


I am working as an Front-End Developer at WASK IT Technologies in İstanbul.

Bitfountain IT Technologies


I was work as an Freelancer at Bitfountain.

• Bfmedia Explorer V1.0 Beta Web Project

• LPS Web and Wordpress Project

Tarım Sigortaları İşletme Havuzu (TARSIM)


I completed a 3-month internship at the Agricultural Insurance Pool (TARSIM) to complete my personal development in the Information Technologies unit.

• T Management Applications (Manage Engine, Solarwinds, PRTG Monitoring),

• Linux (Red Hat, Centos, Oracle Linux vb.) server managment,

• Windows Client and Server Managment (Windows 10 & Server 2012-2016)

• Information Security solutions application management (Symantec Anti Virus, DLP, Brightmail ve Encryption)

• Network Security (802.1x, Aruba Clear Pass) application managment

Ataturk University Directorate of Computing

Full Stack Developer

I worked as an Assistant Specialist in the Ataturk University of Computer Center

• As a unit, we offer e-cards solutions for University students, lecturers and administrative staff.

• Integration of RFID systems into university systems.

• Prepare design of Idenity cards of Ataturk University (students, academic members and administrative staff)

Ataturk University Office of International Affairs

Office Personnel

I worked as a part time at the Ataturk University Office of International Affairs.

• EVS and ERASMUS support programs.

• New websites and application forms.

Ataturk University Public Relations

Office Personnel

I worked part-time at the Public Relations Directorate of Atatürk University Rectorate..

• Preparation of the visual works needed by the Public Relations unit.

• Preparation of the content on the university website.